Born and raised in East Texas, Ricky Espinoza is a quintessential Texan in every way, from his upbringing to his music. Growing up listening to everything from Townes Van Zandt to George Strait to his own family’s songs led him to fall in love with the soulful stories behind country music. Ricky quickly used these influences to find his fit. He brings a strong mixture of Tejano energy and East Texas charm for the perfect mixture of country music with a punch.

Ricky knew he was going to be a performer at an early age. Growing up listening to his family play and sing traditional Tejano music ignited a spark in the young artist. He began performing locally with a band at age 13, and performed in four other bands throughout his teen years. As a teen, Ricky was heavily influenced by Rap, Rock N’ Roll, and what he calls “trendy indie pop.” These influences can still be heard in his music, giving it an edge you don’t hear anywhere else.

Despite playing in punk rock bands and having several friends find success along that route, Ricky knew his heart was with country music and the songwriting that came with it. He moved to Austin, where he played acoustically until forming his band in 2016. With an all star band, Ricky is ready to take on Texas and beyond. If you ask him where’d he’d like to go he’ll tell you “to the moon and back.”

Ricky Espinoza, honky-tonk legend from deep in the heart of Texas, is making throwback country for the modern world. Ricky was born and raised in East Texas on a steady diet of country music legends, his family’s Tejano music, and old school rock n’ roll. He started playing in local punk bands by the ripe old age of thirteen, but by the time Ricky graduated high school he realized his heart truly belonged to country and cowpunk.

Ricky made the big move to Austin to carve out a place for himself in our bubbling music pot; playing acoustically until putting together a rag-tag team of musicians to back him in 2016. This year saw the release of his debut full length, Texas is My Home, a collection of honky-tonk that still has some of that punk sensibility; it is country music with a bit more bite.”

– Georgina Cook, KUTX

Watch the session here.

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